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Smartphone has many apps. Some of these apps have a private files and information. Smartphone itself contain private information about an individual. It has the contact numbers, pictures and videos of an individual as well as of the close family members and friends of the individual. In order to maintain privacy smartphone has lock screen. This lock screen can be opened up only after the password set for this lock screen has been inserted into it. Once the password set for the lock screen has been inserted the phone will open up. Same is the case with app lock app.9Apps store content software of appLock only you need to check which APK locker is best for your mobile so that you can download and install it in your smartphone.

Lock your apps and screen

This app is used for the purpose of locking various apps in the smartphone. If there are individuals who have access to the password of the smartphone then they can easily open up any app in the smartphone and can get any kind of information about the individual including the contact numbers of the individual, pictures, videos and other sensitive information.By using AppLock an individual can lock apps in the phone. It means that the user can set password on various apps by using AppLock. Thee password can be in the form of letters, numbers or a mixture of letter, number and signs. By setting password on apps the user can make sure that only the user has access to the apps in the smartphone. AppLock proves to be very efficient in protecting and securing the information about an individual. AppLock at as a lock screen for apps. If an individual do not have information about the password of the apps then that individual will not be able to have access to the apps.AppLock proves very efficient in protecting and securing the apps from an Intruder. Many people are using AppLock because it protects the information regarding users in various apps.

About appLock

AppLock is a free app. It can be downloaded from play store for free. It do has an advanced version but for installing that version the user need to pay money.This app has been developed by do mobile limited. This app is available in 24 languages and has about more than 50 million users. Like other apps this app also has some drawbacks. There are some loopholes in the app which make this app vulnerable to hacking.